Science Olympiad Foundation, International Education Olympiads with more than a decade of Experience, Excellence and Popularity. Science Olympiad Foundation is working to promote learning beyond school curriculum among the students from class 1 to 12 in an innovative way, thereby to realise their potential and develop their skills for a bright and enterprising future.

SRI LAKSHMI JANARDHAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is very happy to say that, Olympiad journey began in 2015. Today, it has reached to one of the best competitive examinations with its qualitative features. Students have enriched their knowledge by their study material, formation of question papers, logistics and preparation of result sheets etc. The examinations are really challenging and motivating so that students improve their academic performance on continuous basis and pursue academic excellence relentlessly. Total 354 students have participated in academic year 2018 – 19 on different examinations.

Examination No. of Students
SOF International English Olympiad 92
SOF National Science Olympiad 106
SOF International Mathematics Olympiad 129
SOF National cyber Olympiad 27

Qualified for Second level in the academic year 2018 – 19
– SOF International English Olympiad
Shaurya S. Hegde of grade 3
Freeda Ovita Dsouza of grade 7
Crystal Alvita Rodrigues of grade 10

– SOF National Science Olympiad
B. Nikhil Prabhu of grade 5
Sanath of grade 9

– International Mathematics Olympiad
Shaurya S. Hegde of grade 3
Shraddha of grade 6
Joshua Elias Alva of grade 10

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Latest Notices
Investiture ceremony for Academic Year 2019-2020 to be held on 6-July-2019 at our School Auditorium
PT1 Examinations has been pre-poned to 15th july