Dear Parents,                                                      

  • We remain grateful to you for having been a part of this institution all these years. Your child will complete Pre-Primary School by the end of March 2020.
  • You are hereby requested to register/ complete the admission process for CLASS 1 latest by 31st March, 2020
  • In this regard we would like to inform you that the CBSE has mandated total of 80 (40+ 40) admissions for CLASS 1. Hence for any reason we cannot admit more than the above number. Moreover, many students from other schools have been requesting us for admissions. Please make sure that you complete the admission process by above date.

List of documents required for admissions.

  • Original / attested photocopy of Birth Certificate, Photocopy of Student Aadhar Card, Blood Group Certificate, Photocopy of Caste & income certificate, 2 No.s of Passport Size Photo of Each Parent, Photocopy of Father’s & Mother’s Aadhar Card. Optional Documents : Photocopy of Ration Card(For BPL only), Medical Certificate (in case of Medical History).
  • Annual exams for NURSERY TO UKG are from 13 – 20 March, 2020. Revision holidays on 12th and 18th Revised time table is attached herewith.


11/03/2020 RHYMES/ENG(Oral)
13/03/2020 G.K/MATHS(Written)
14/03/2020 KAN/HIN(Oral)
16/03/2020 KAN/HIN(Written)
17/03/2020 ENG(Written)










  • Fee dues to be compulsorily cleared by 12/03/2020 i.e. before the start of the annual examination.
  • Those parents planning to shift their wards to any other school are requested to submit the duly filled in application for TC (format available in the Calendar – page No.72) latest by 12/03/2020.
  • Provide details on changes in Mobile numbers and residential address in Proforma 1 for student Id card. Submit the consent form in Proforma 2 to avail B0US FACILITY FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-2021.
  • PROFORMA -1 & PROFORMA – 2 to be submitted latest by 11/03/2020 to class teacher without fail.
  • Announcement of Results: NURSERY TO 5th on 8th April 2020 and of 6th to 9th on 9th April, 2020.

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