Child Safety in School

By School Safety, we here at Sri Lakshmi Janardhan International School believe in creating safe environment for children in the school premises. This includes safety from any kind of abuse, violence, psycho-social issue, disaster: natural and manmade, fire, transportation. Emotional safety is especially important because it is often difficult for teachers and parents to detect emotional problems and difficulties in children. We ensure a healthy and supportive environment to grow and develop. Since children spend a significant part of their childhood and formative years in schools, it is imperative that the ambiance in schools is positive and nurturing, where they feel safe and secure in the premises and with the care providers. Sense of safety and well being is also instilled in students when action is taken against misconduct or abuse, such as corporal punishment, discriminatory practices, bullying and other forms of verbal, emotional or sexual abuse, by teachers, other personnel or other students

School building
The school is located in such a serene ambiance that it is away from public transportation roads or railways, market and public buildings. The school building is an ‘A’ Class construction with brick/stone masonry walls with RCC roofing. The nursery and elementary schools are housed on the ground floor. The School building is free from inflammable and toxic materials. The orientation of the buildings is such that proper air circulation and lighting is available with open space all round the building as far as possible. The school has water storage tanks, duly covered and protected. The entire school premises is under the surveillance of CCTV and is monitored and maintained regularly. Each classroom has been provided with adequate ventilators and windows to keep the classroom airy and fresh and the children also feel fresh and energetic to get involved in the teaching-learning process. Adequate space for free mobility for students is provided in case of an emergency. The chemicals and instruments are kept safely beyond the easy access of children. A first aid box is made available in the labs. The school faculty are trained to meet any emergency in the laboratory.

Washrooms: There are separate washrooms for girls and boys and separate toilets for children, staff, support staff. All the toilets have running water facility with accessories like soaps etc. for washing hands.

Drinking water and Sanitation: The school provides clean and safe portable RO purified drinking water to children. Moreover, the school maintains healthy and hygienic sanitary conditions. We make it a point that every year we obtain certificates from the concerned authorities with regard to the safe drinking water and sanitation.

Fire Safety Management: We have obtained fire safety certificate, which is validated periodically by concerned authority. We have adequate fire fighting systems in place to meet any emergency. With the help of fire fighting agencies mock drill and training is carried out in the school on periodical basis. The School has on display the Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan to be followed in case of an emergency.

School Transports: We have a well -organized school bus facility for the children to commute to school. Every year we form a Bus Safety Committee, headed by the Principal. The members include the school bus manager, one teacher representative for each bus (preferably female), two parent representatives, school bus drivers and conductors. We make sure that at least two female teachers travel in each bus on daily basis. The committee meets once in two months and discusses on all the safety measures from time to time. All the school buses are painted Yellow with the name of the school written prominently on both sides of the bus so that these can be identified easily. All school buses are fitted with speed control devices so that they do not exceed the speed limit of 40 Km/ph. There is a fire extinguisher in every bus. Police verification of the staff of the bus is done before appointing them. One school Transport Manager is appointed to ensure the safety of the school children. Medical checkup regarding the physical fitness of the driver including the eye testing is undertaken every year.

Medical Examination: Screening of general health, assessment of Anaemia/Nutritional status, visual acuity, hearing problems, dental check-up, common skin conditions, Heart defects, physical disabilities, learning disorders, behaviour problems, etc. are periodically done in the school. Basic medicine kit/ first aid box is available in the school to take care of common ailments prevalent among young school going children. Children, requiring specialized attention are referred immediately to the concerned specialists. Sick children once identified, are immediately referred to the concerned doctor.

Prevention of Children From Sexual Offences: The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO), 2012 strengthens the legal provisions for the protection of children from sexual abuse and exploitation. It provides protection to all children under the age of 18 years from the offences of sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography. The Act provides for stringent punishments which have been graded as per the gravity of the offence.

Child abuse means any form of maltreatment inflicted on a child including physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse. Physical abuse means use of force and / or inflicting of physical injury upon a child and includes burning, hitting, punching, kicking, beating or otherwise harming a child. Sexual abuse includes penetrative sexual assault, aggravated penetrative sexual assault, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, sexual harassment and use of a child for pornographic purposes Emotional abuse includes acts or omissions by parents or caretakers that have caused or could cause distress, serious behavioural, cognitive, emotional, or mental trauma to the child.

Keeping the above fact in mind we in the school form a committee to make observations and take necessary actions. The committee comprises a team of teachers with two or three senior female faculty, along with an educational counseller and five other teachers. Every year we arrange for sessions on Adolescence Education and adolescence skills.

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